Sharks shredding the ice despite coach failures

We’ve opened up the month with a win and we’re still leading the Pacific Division. Now we get into the difficult part.

With the Wild hosting our next game and having a strong showing in the Central Division right now, our late goals and reliance on Brent Burns isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily for us, this won’t be a battle of wits between King Peter DeBoer and King Bruce Boudreau.

The Sharks have an array of people on offensive that can deliver points in a hurry if we let them on the ice. Even though Martin Jones has been a little inconsistent during this season, he’s still managing to clear the net and make some great saves.

Yes, the Wild are a “different animal,” but they should be more scared than us. Other than Devan Dubnyk manning their defense, they don’t have a player to dismantle our offense.

While I do think Debnyk is a stronger player than Jones, we have the scoring advantage and the consistency to outflank them. It’ll be a hard game for DeBoer to screw up, just give our guys the appropriate amount of minutes.

The Sharks have been doing great this season, and we can expect them to keep dominating the ice. The Wild is nothing to be worried about for a top class team, and although I may be being optimistic, DeBoer cannot screw this one up.

Even though the team is primarily the reason that we are doing this well rather than actual leadership, I’m giving DeBoer a cautiously optimistic rating of...

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