Sharks Feasting On Bad Blood

Closing out the matchup with a 3-2 advantage over the Kings was the clear highlight of the Sharks season this year.

Although I loved watching King Peter DeBoer utilize his guys to get ahead in the game early, it was clear that he fizzled in the final period. Rather than going for the kill, DeBoar was content riding out the game.

I have no problems with relying on Martin Jones to close out a game with another fantastic save, but we can’t keep putting it on him. DeBoer might not be on the ice, but he is the one deploying Marc-Edouard Vlasic, despite his inconsistency and problems handling the puck.

The Sharks have a chance to dominate the conference this season. We all know a two game win streak can be a catalyst to a team building momentum, but it isn’t going to happen if we are riding the coattails of our star players.

Eventually, Brett Burns isn’t going to make every shot he takes, and DeBoer is going to need to put someone else on the ice to fill the position of playmaker.

If we’re going to keep the win streak going, then it’s time to step up and make smart moves. The rivalry against the Kings might bring out the best and worst in us, but DeBoer needs to recognize that we can’t put all the pressure on a couple players.

I can’t be mad with us taking the win over LA and winning the season matchup, but I won’t say I’m happy to see the poor choice in rotation. Although I’m torn, I will err on the side of caution and give King DeBoer a...

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