DeBoer Torpedoes The Sharks Record

It seems like the San Jose Sharks are just winded after climbing to the top of the Pacific Division, as their recent six-game record of 1-1-4 would indicate.

We didn’t lose just because Jaromir Jagr scored his 1,900th point of his career. We are losing because of the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” strategy that King Peter DeBoer is focused on.

Congrats, it’s fucking broken. If we want to fix it, then let’s do something about our transitions. Sure, Martin Jones shit the bed this week and allowed six goals, but what about the horrible passes that are wasting our offensive possessions.

Putting five guys on the ice for the entire game is going to get people tired very quickly, and the result is mistakes. Mistakes that cost the game, like letting an easy rebound get away.

We need to start taking advantage of our strongest component, our well rounded team. We have guys who could excel on the ice, like Nikolay Goldobin who we have yet to allow into our group. No, playing nine games and allowing the kid to skate around once in a while as a “reward” for his talent is not utilizing our players.

The Sharks have a chance to succeed, and DeBoer is well known for sinking his teams. These two things can combine into a nasty battle at the end of the season, a fiasco more devastating than his stint with the Panthers and the Devils.

DeBoer needs to get on top of his team. Skating by the rest of the season just isn’t going to cut it, so I am giving him a grade of….

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