Coyotes eat Sharks alive, again.

In a game that shouldn’t have even been close, the San Jose Sharks were eaten alive by the Coyotes.

It’s not the fact that the first place team in the Pacific is playing the seventh, it’s the 3-0-1 record they have against us. I know that Mike Smith can be an incredible player (despite the 12-15 record), especially with King Dave Tippett calling the shots, but what about our star roster?

With Patrick Marleau and Brett Burns, maybe we have become to accustomed to seeing the impossible shots, or amazing point totals.

King DeBoer needs to get his team back on track. I can still be happy with our 33-17 record and top place standing, but not if we are going to lose to the worst team in our division every match up. It came down to final shots, but it shouldn’t have even been close.

I won’t condemn DeBoer to a one, because we are still a successful winning team, and everyone has their off nights. Despite his testimony to “Sometimes it just happens,” and “Smith just plays well against us,” I’d like to give DeBoer a chance.

He actively switched around his players to give them a better chance, and the power plays weren’t his fault. I’ve never been a fan of those lackluster excuses, but I can attest to him not being a complete failure as a coach.

Although DeBoer broke my heart with his team’s performance, I can’t give him the one I want to. I have hope that he will turn things around, and find a way to score on Smith. For making those quick in game adjustments, I’m giving DeBoer a generous...


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