Larry Baer's Giant Holiday Gift to Fans

Wow, cool...the Giants closed a closer!  Mark Melancon will ink his sig on a $62 million contract over four years and Giants fans can rev up early for pitchers/catchers reporting in early February! And, this contract is a far cry short from the reported $100mm that media were suggesting would be needed for some of the big thorougbrad closers on the market.  Even though there's an out clause after year two in Mark's contract, that actually helps the Giants in case his arm-ammo gets light.  Who cares?  While this guy led the MLB with 98 saves over the last two years, baseball is a "what can you do for me next October" league.

I love this move. 

Congrats to King Brian Sabean and King Bobby Evans for getting their – and our – man.  The Giants have exhibited incredible business management skills over the last decade that has allowed us fans to be excited every April – and many times through October.  And this year is no different.  Mostly, however, we need to thank Numero Uno King Larry Baer, our beloved Giants owner who obviuosly knows how to keep competeing year after year.  He and his team are shrewd in analyzing talent, savvy in their pursuit of key players in the open market, and highly adept at developing talent from within the organization.

I give King Baer a five baseball grade for this one...even before Melancon touches rubber for the first time!

Happy holidays to a Giants fan!

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