Closing the Door on a _______ '16 Season

Fill in the blank on the headline, but I’m not (that) bent about last night’s debacle (4 runs in 9th inning by the Cubs).  I kept thinking about the famous Lawrence Peter Berra who said, infamously, “It’s like Déjà vu all over again”.  (Thanks Yogi.  How true.)  I mean, we’ve seen that movie before, right?  It’s been the theme of ’16.

While nobody wants to watch a train-wreck, we all knew what was coming after Derek Law walked the first little bear to bat in the inning.  It wasn’t a shocker to see what transpired.  Could King Bochy have done anything else?  Nope.  Moore was done, he delivered big time!  Boche could only use the tools he had in his belt.  Do we fault King Sabean and King Evans for not getting a closer at the trade deadline? I say emphatically NO –I stand by upper management’s philosophy of building from within and refusing to mortgage the future. 

The Cubs are gonna go deep with a guy like Aroldis Chapman as the closer, but they gave up a boatload for a guy who may not even be a Cub next year (Aroldis has said he wants to test free agency and he will command “funny money” from someone out there willing to write the check).  The Giants don’t play that way and I like it the way they play, even if last night was painful.  They know how to compete every year with this philosophy and it works.  While we all wanted to win another crown to keep this silly even year thing going, the fact is we’re still fat-n-happy with three in our recent past and a long-term vision that works.  Despite that horrible end to the season, Kings Sabean deserves a

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