Trent Baalke Starting to Fire-sell Pro Bowlers?

I say GOOD FOR KING BAALKE for shopping for Joe Staley for a No. 1 draft pick.  This was first reported yesterday and I immediately said, "GREAT...get rid of the old, let's build with the new".  Joe is 32 years old and even though he is a perrenial Pro Bowler, it makes sense to get younger through the draft which is....hey, wait a minute....King Baalke can't draft....what is he think... ummm... hold everything.  Offensive tackles can play well into their mid to late 30s and really good left tackles are hard to find.  

And then today I read that King Chip Kelly didn't have knowledge of this idea.  Is this just the classic "denial mode" that Head Coaches assume while the GM tries to make a deal?  

Now I'm in a deep quandry....ship off a proven winner who is in the 6th inning of a strong, strong career and let a bum talent picker "go long" in the NFL draft next April?  Or, keep him as an anchor who can help with the re-building process?  After all, Joe is a strong locker-room leader as well as a top athletic performer.

Oh man, being a Niner fan right now is _______________ !  What should we do?  Trade Staley?  Keep Staley and trade Baalke?  Well we know that answer!

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