2 Suggestions How to be a Niner Fan in October '16

Ok, so the switch to Kap tells us exactly what we already knew: we have a bad football team.  Gabbert, Kap…doesn’t matter.  The problem is not with the QB. 

Admittedly, I did not watch yesterday’s beat-down to the Bills in Buffalo, North Pole.  (I was busy pitcking lint from my belly button.)  I didn’t have to watch the game to know everything: an examination of stats tells me the San Francisco Forty-Niners will not be competitive until the 2019 season…at the earliest.  They need two draft cycles to assemble a defense.  Period.  And that’s if they draft smartly. 

Here are two suggestions for you to make it through the next few years:

  1. Do everything you can to make noise that King Trent should go.  Now.  Don’t wait ‘til the end of the season.  The season is already over.  Make the noise now so that a new GM can come in and put a scout team in place that will bring a good ’17 draft class.
  2. Adopt an AFC team to root for other than the Patriots (do we really need to see them make another playoff run?).  Our rooting energy needs to go somehwere, so find another AFC team and get behind them.  Also, I've always hated the idea of rooting against your team just to get a higher draft position – that stuff always takes care of itself – so I certainly can’t advise rooting against the Niners.  It's bed karma to root against your team and you'll always look silly when you jump back on the wagon.  Stay proud.  Stay strong, but be smart with your support.

I now proclaim, on October 17, 2016, that I am making it my ProSportsKings mission to get King Baalke thrown out on his arse and will do everything I can to take your votes and wishes to King York so he hears us.   

Niners Faithful rule...keep the faith, yet be smart!  

At this time, I give King Baalke....

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