Jed York Plays Phil Connors in a Stunning January Groundhog Day Performance

The other considered title of this post was “Culture Schmulture”…I mean, hello, haven’t we all heard this before?  Of course we have, but instead of climbing all over King Jed York for his stupid handling of the firings, and his Groundhog Day performance to the press on Monday, let’s praise him for at least acknowledging that, this time, it’s REALLY broken. 

As I was counting sheep last night, I was also counting draft picks and I figure it will take five years of really good picking to get back to the playoffs (that’s how empty the cupboard is).  The franchise has had four 2-win seasons: 1963, back to back in ’78 and ‘79, and again in ’04.  Let’s throw out ’63 and focus on the recent past: it took them two years to get to the playoffs in ’81 (a SB ring, in fact), and seven years to see the playoffs again after ’04.  

I know this sounds funny, but the ‘79 team was the most entertaining and talented 2-14 team I’ve ever seen: Steve DeBerg threw for over 3,600 yards, they scored more than 20 points in nine games, and for the season, scored only 15 points less than the division winning Rams.  We knew something good was brewing with Saint Bill Walsh.  But we can’t expect a ring in two years now ‘cuz a guy like Saint Walsh appears from the heavens only once in a lifetime.

Can King York recruit a GM and Head Coach who can get us back to the playoffs in five years?  I’m gonna stay positive based on King York cleaning house and admitting a wholesale change is necessary and say, “yes”.  The grade I’m handing out for this post is going to be high based on that optimism and faith…

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