Jed York Gets the Stinky, Moldy Game Ball

Ok, so we didn’t beat the Saints.  Surprise, surprise.  We gave up 571 yards, fourth most in franchise history.  We have now allowed an average of 37.1 points during its seven-game losing streak.  We’re now the first team in NFL history to allow a 100-yard rusher in seven straight games (Elias Sports Bureau).  The cherry on top is we’re on pace to surrender 520 points for the season, a total surpassed only by the 1981 Colts.

I am not mad.  I am not even sad.  Yes, this was a “once proud” and “once dominant” franchise, but sports is like this.  Believe it or not, the Pats will be floundering in the next few years because, well, because that’s how pro sports gravity works.  Ya can’t stay on top forever.  (Ask the NY Yankees.)  And the Niners too will rise again (no place to go, eh?)

HOWEVER, we do need to point our anger at someone.  We can’t just say, “oh well”.  D-Coordinator Jim O’Neil can only do so much with his talent.  Yet it flows up the line to the point where we rely on the great Talking Heads song and say, “how did we get here?”.

So....ahem, ladies and germs, I'm proud to give out my moldy, smelly, putrid, deflated, stinky, faux-leather game ball for the Saints game and give it to ... King Jed York.  (Jed, just stand still for a few moments so we can aim our rotten tomatos and hit ya hard.)  You stink JeddyBoy...but you'll stink more when these tomatos dry.

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