Jed York is Dead To Me

I read this in today's regarding our Niners (if you want the full article, it's here): 

"They have allowed 2,468 rushing yards, 105 more than in 1978, when they finished 2-14. If they surrender 20 points and 311 yards in their final two games, they also set will franchise record for points and total yards allowed."

Jed York deserves all the blame for the pain we are feeling as Niner Fans...and no doubt, the pain our alum players and coaches are feeling. I was born in Candlestick Park with my dear old dad dragging me to games in the 70s after John Brodie retired and the team plummetted before King Bill Walsh arrived on the scene...I saw some pretty grusome things.  I never thought I'd see THIS.  

Pride kicks in at some point which is why I wear as much Niner gear as I can living back here in New York.  Mostly I get "smiles"....the worst reaction one could get.  

But I remain faithful.  Forty Niner Faithful.  We will rise again, but until then, we'll keep hitting new lows.  Bring it on, I can take the heat!

P.S.  If your stomach can handle it, check out this article from Rolling Stone magazine about how the Niners are an even more pitiful franchise than the zero-win Browns this year.  

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