Curtis Modkins Loses the Jets Game, Despite What Chip Kelly Says

Wow, watching that loss to the Jets was really painful, eh?  Even though King Chip Kelly came out in his presser saying he takes all the blame for calling a conservative game, and not having confidence in his players, I can’t help but wondering what King Curtis Modkins was doing at halftime.  If I were the OC, I would have noticed that Carlos Hyde rushed for 141 yards in the first half and acknowledged the Jets would be keying on Hyde in the second half.  And yet, the offensive game plan I saw in the second half was student body left, student body right, third and long, punt.  Over and over.  And I hold the OC accountable for that.  Nobody wins in the NFL deploying a prevent offense.  

What was King Modkins thinking about at halftime?

Look, I admit I have no idea how game gets called between Kings like Kelly and Modkins.  Of course a guy making $6 million dollars a year (Kelly) is supposed to take the heat for bonehead game management.  But King Modkins makes a good living as well (no salary info available), and his job is to be creative, original, and dynamic with ideas that give his team a competitive advantage.

Congrats, King Modkins, you’re the doofus for the week with that loss squarely on your shoulders.  You failed us, and now the 9er loss streak is at 12.  Thanks – here’s a yule log for ya and why I'm givin' ya....

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