119 yards...what are you waiting for, Chip?

The calendar hasn't even turned to October and I'm beside myself with grief over the football team formerly known as the San Francisco Forty Niners.  (The team that's out there now can't be called a Niner team...they're so bad.)  Gabbert threw for 119 yards against the dreaded 'hawks last Sunday and Chip even admitted Blaine's effort was "ok".  OK?  My definition of "ok" is NOT 119 yards.  My definition is 200 yards, a TD, and a few scampers for 25 yards or so.  Chip doesn't seem to understand that we're not in an NFL era any more where there is such a thing as a quarterback controversy.  There is no controversy when your "starter" throws for 119.  I live a ways away from Santa Clara but even I can hear the loud ticking of the clock....for Kelly, for Baalke and even for King York.  I want Kap in the game NOW.  He can run...he can run...and ummm, ok, sometimes he can throw.  But hey, he can run.  Isn't that what Chip's "system" needs?  Who do you want playing QB Sunday?  (No, Montana or Young are not available.) 

For all this ineptitude, King Kelly, you have earned a...


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