Jack Del Rio Slashes Oakland's Hopes And Third-String Dreams

It’s been a turbulent season for King Jack Del Rio, as the Raiders head coach is watching his team unravel at the most critical time.

Unlike the hail mary passes that fans have gotten used to seeing from Derek Carr, the team is asking third string quarterback Connor Cook to lead them through the season.

Carr’s injury is an unfortunate accident and Matt McGloin injuring his shoulder was unforeseeable, but with Cook having only played one game, Del Rio has plenty of obstacles to overcome. The coach should be in hot water after how he used Cook this season.

Sure, everyone knows that team’s ride their starting quarterbacks to the Superbowl, but this kid has only effectively played in one game. Even if McGloin was healthy, he only played in three games this season.

Del Rio should be public enemy number one right now for Oakland, because with a 33-14 lead with 11 minutes remaining, there was no reason to have Carr playing.

I’m sure Andrew Luck could have led his Colts to a respectable finish, but Oakland was the clear winner.

We might undervalue third string quarterbacks, but choosing not to give Cook’s his snaps has clearly blown up in Del Rio’s face.

Good luck with a quarterback who has never had an NFL start, let’s plan ahead for the future.

For neglecting the worst case scenario and actively preventing players from getting their snaps, I’m condemning Del Rio to a...

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