Jack Del Rio, Coach of the Year

We all know it wasn’t an easy year for King Jack Del Rio, but a playoff loss to the Texans isn’t what defines the rightful Coach of the Year.

Working with what they had, the team still put up 14 points and avoided the blow out. Could we even call ourselves fans if we didn’t stand behind him now?

I know everyone was hurt by losing Derek Carr, and I even denounced Del Rio for Connor Cook’s lack of snaps. With this in mind, I’d like to renounce Del Rio as the public enemy of Oakland, and commend him on bringing hope to the Raiders.

We don’t need to win a superbowl right now, we have suffered 15 years of losing. Let’s just enjoy that we finally have a team to be proud of.

I know that while every organization, (Browns and Niners excluded), think their coach should win the trophy for coach of the year, it’s clear that Del Rio deserves the title.

I won’t denounce King Jason Garrett, the man has cultivated the Dallas Cowboys team and made it a machine, but Garrett wasn’t the one to come into a losing organization and turn it around in less than two years.

Del Rio is a man that Oakland should consider a national treasure, and is the one we need to support as Coach of the Year. For turning the team around and giving us the best shot at the next season, I’m giving King Del Rio a...

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