Where Does King Lew Wolff Want Our New Stadium?

I recently read in the San Jose Merc News with high interest that the Raiders are inching closer to a deal that would build them their new stadium in Vegas.  (Don’t let the door hit ya.)  No secrets here, of course. 

But for us A’s fans, we must be thinking about good ol’ King Lew Wolff.  I know it’s beyond our means to pool our funds to get him (AND US) a new stadium as his Chanukah present, but holy s__t this thing is getting old.   I’m embarrassed to admit  I often choose not to go see the A’s play because I truly can’t stand that whole experience. 

We’re all in violent agreement about this issue – and we eventually will get our new stadium – but do we want it where it currently sits, next to the Dubs?  Or do we need a new view?  I like to ask my A’s friends this question – and so I’ll ask you: where should we go in Oakland that will make our cocky westerly neighbors jealous over our new house?

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