Billy Beane Got Gipped in '16

I enjoyed watching Game 1 of the World Series last night, but in a way I can’t wait until it’s over so I can watch Billy Beane do his off-season dance.  Most likely he is licking his chops for spring training ‘cuz he knows his team is DUE for a good year considering he got gipped in ’16. 

Payroll stats from Spotrac show the A’s ranked 27/30 in payroll this past ’16 with an amount just pennies under $100mm.  For that, they got 69 wins.  King Beane’s team did not back him up for his investment when compared with the ALCS champs Indians who had (ahem, “have”) a $114mm payroll (ranking 22).  (The Dodgers, btw, lead all teams with a $280mm payroll and look what that got…another underachievement in the playoffs…but I digress.)

Nobody is better than King Beane at marrying baseball financial math, player stats, and a critical eye for talent!  (Sorry, not even King Theo Epstein…even though he’s “still playing” right now.  Cubs = $186mm/5th.)  Spring is gonna take awhile to get here, but the start of free agency in November is right around the corner.  I’m wondering what under-valued “assets” out there do you think King Beane is gonna bring in?

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