Warriors Desperately Need New Plays

Our Golden State Warriors have managed to keep the streak alive with a win against the Kings after a 42 point third quarter performance. Of course, losing back to back games, (much like losing to the Denver Nuggets) should be almost impossible for King Steve Kerr and his all-star lineup.

The issue I have is that the Warriors are playing like a second half team.

Scoring tremendously in the third quarter to ride out the fourth seems like a smart plan on paper. We rest our guys early and come out at half time swinging. But what happens when we don’t put up a double digit scoring advantage on our opponent? We lose. We lose again and again and again. The Spurs, Lakers, Rockets, Grizzlies, Cavs, Kings and Nuggets know this, because each one of these teams has managed to outplay the Warriors and come away with the win by shutting Golden State down in the third quarter.

With the exception of the Heat who allowed the Warriors to score a 12 point advantage, teams are starting to notice the trend. We can’t keep relying on Klay or Durant to put up the massive numbers or to get hot suddenly. I’m sure everyone still expects Curry to swoop in and save the day, but we need to be focused on conservation when Mr. Glass Ankles is concerned.

King Kerr needs to draw up new plays. It’s plain and simple, and it needs to happen now. We are still in front, but we can’t get comfortable in that position.

For keeping the streak alive and for mystically still invigorating his players at halftime, I’m optimistically giving Kerr a passing grade of...

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