Warriors Crippled In The Third Quarter

Everyone knew the outcome of tonight’s Warriors vs. Hornets game. The barely breaking even Hornets didn’t have a chance to stop King Steve Kerr and the Splash Brothers, until the third quarter.

The 11 point advantage that the Hornets took in the third quarter was a nightmare. Not only were we playing against a team that started a sick Kemba Walker and was missing Cody Zeller, we proved that the moment Steph Curry and Kevin Durant touch the bench, we go ice cold.

No, one bad game doesn’t showcase a team and it’s ability. It does show that we can’t keep relying on these third quarter comebacks, and that we need to get our guys the necessary breaks.

We cannot have Curry and Durant playing 35+ minutes every night. It’s an 82 game season, and if we want to prevent the “glass ankles” curse from coming back, we’re going to need to rely on our substitutes to be able to run plays.

The blame doesn’t only fall on Kerr, there’s plenty of blame to go around. Sure, Thompson could have shot better than 33 percent from the three-point line, and Durant could have prevented the six turnovers he had. Kerr also could have run some schemes in the post to get Andre Iguodala some points, and tell Shaun Livingston to stop taking shots when he only makes one in seven.

We came away with the win, but not by playing this game like we should have. The odds were in our favor and we wasted an easy night on simple problems.

Kerr is usually my favorite coach to watch in the league, but after a performance like this, I’m giving him a...

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