Warriors Big Three Headed For The Bench

It’s been a successful year for King Steve Kerr with the Dubs leading the Western Conference with a 34-6 record. With the halfway point of the NBA season approaching, it’s time for Kerr to rest his players, including the big three.

Kerr has created a unique situation for the team, with plenty of suitable backups ready to step in for his starters. Although I’ll never get tired of watching the Splash Brothers and Kevin Durant hit three pointers from every corner of the court, I still want to see Ian Clark and Shaun Livingston get their share of play.

There’s plenty of time left to get these guys their minutes, not everyone is going to be like Andre Iguodala and be content with taking a spot as a sixth man. I’m sure the occasional bandwagon fan is going to be upset if Curry and Durant are getting fewer than 30 minutes a game, but if it means giving the starters some rest and helping train new talent for the team, then real fans should be ecstatic about Kerr’s decision.

It might be preemptive, but I think Kerr knows what to do when it comes to resting his players. We don’t need another record breaking season, we just need the wins in the finals.

For preparing his backups to take over and have bigger roles on the team, I’m honoring King Kerr with a...

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