Steve Kerr Deploys Durant With An Intent To Kill

The faceoff between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook was a game that left Warriors fans wanting more, and King Steve Kerr impressed.

Kerr’s choice to allow Durant to drop 40 after having foul trouble early in the game showcases the bad blood between the teams. It might have been cruel to watch Westbrook writhe on the floor as his shots from deep failed to sink, but it shows Kerr’s determination this season.

Already, Golden State is at the top of the Western Conference with no one to oppose them. Everyone is already trying to buy the tickets to game 7 at the Finals between the Cavaliers and Warriors.

King Kerr is displaying the killer instinct we needed to see last season. He’s ruthless and hardened from the upset last year, and crushing teams along the way to the Finals is his attempt to make the fans and players forget the 3-1 debacle.

We have seen a consistent performance from Kerr and his players despite the new team dynamic. Durant and Stephen Curry might not always share the spotlight, but it’s the cutthroat games that will lead this team to unification.

It's exciting to see Kerr with a ruthless intent, but let's hope the coach can keep a clear concious as weather the rest of the season. It's great to be aggresive, but there's no reason to overdo it.

Although King Kerr’s success is resulting in the quick sale of Warriors season passes and Finals tickets bids, I’m giving the Warriors head coach a...

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