Kerr loses cool and fan's respect

I’ve been saying it all year, STEPH CURRY IS NOT CLUTCH ENOUGH TO BE MAKING FINAL SHOTS. After the Kings game, King Kerr and the team finally realized that.
Kerr’s tantrum goes down as a black mark on the Warriors usually pristine record. Sure, we might we leading the conference as far as our record goes, but what about in integrity?

Every Time we lose a game, Kerr can’t refer to his team as a bunch of strangers. Yes, it is Curry’s fault for missing the easy layup and jumper, but who is the one giving him the ball every time?

Let’s call some plays around our other assets. Kevin Durant has an off game and we fall apart, what about Draymond Green and where was Klay Thompson?

We have a lot of flaws, and I can accept that. But for a team that has never seemed clutch to anyone after the 3-1 Cavs debacle, couldn’t we for once have that highlight moment. I’d even take a single win in overtime, as we are 0-3 this season.

It’s not a big deal to have an off night, but it does hurt to see Boogie Cousins dunk on everyone and score an easy 36. Not as bad a missed Curry layup, but pretty damn bad.

For losing his cool and for his team virtually having no chance of coming back after his departure, I’m giving King Kerr a...

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