73 Wins Only Leads To A Bust

It wasn’t the 73 wins King Steve Kerr thought about at the end of last season, it was the game seven loss to the Cavaliers. With a current 30-5 record this season to claim first in the Western Conference, fans are hoping the team exceeds the record from last year, but they shouldn’t be.

Wins clearly aren’t a bad thing, but making rash decisions to achieve them and putting the win above anything else is. The edition of Kevin Durant to the roster was a successful move this season that seemed too bold for the team. The result of KD's move is a struggling Stephen Curry.

Although some players are struggling on the team, the biggest factor that hurts the team is the inability to grab offensive rebounds and the consistent turnovers. The team fixed its bench problem from last season with the addition of Ian Clark and JaVale McGee but with struggling players and some declining stats, there’s no reason to try and fulfill the fan’s dreams of a 73 win record.

Kerr has no reason to risk player injuries or added pressure by trying to repeat the record. Trying to immortalize a team through an all-time winning record does little if a team doesn't win in the Finals. Kerr knows that, and every fan that’s pushing for the Warriors to come out every night with a starting roster and aim for the top is only asking for a repeat of last season's finals. 

For refusing to accept defeat after last season and being smart in his choice to not focus on the record, I give Kerr a... 

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