Joe Lacob is STILL Crying in His Wheaties

In a few short hours, it will mark THREE days since the Warriors blew their chance at recording the most successful season in NBA history, and Joe Lacob still hasn't slept.  Why would he?  He has nightmares over and over about going scoreless down the stretch (FOUR MINUTES) when the title - and a legacy - was in the balance.  Sure he has the MVP on his squad.  Sure he has a core nucleus that will contend for years to come.  But as we all know, ya can't get it back once it slips through the cracks.  And a guy like Joe knows that.  He is a legend in the Valley and knows that timing and being opportunistic is everything when it comes to winning.  

So on this, Day Three, Dubs nation should know that Joe probably has three things on his mind: 

1. How does Steve Kerr and his merry band of sharp-shooters NEVER lost again to the Cavaliers.  (Payback is gonna be a bitch, eh?)

2. How does he work with Jerry West and Bob Myers to draft SOMEONE - anyone - at their position in tomorrow's draft who can stop trains like Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook, and that guy from Cleveland from ice skating directly to the rim.

3. What kind of cap relief can he negotiate with his stars to make everyone happy, and go after a difference maker in the post.

Focus on those three things, Joe, and we'll be singing.  Until then, this grade says it all...

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