Lacob breaking the Warriors bank

It’s the final stretch of the year, when wins matter most for our Golden State Warriors, and yet we’ve run into our old problem. For once, it isn’t “Glass Ankles” Curry down for the count, it’s our rising star Kevin Durant.

Yes, Curry has been in a slump lately, but at least he’s on the court. Let’s consider it a miracle that we even have him playing, considering how many injuries he’s incurred these last few years.

And at least we have Jose Calderon. Wait, no we don’t, because that two hour deal fell through. No, it’s not like we didn’t get him, we just wanted Matt Barnes instead.

Sure, trading a point-guard for a forward is a drastic change, but the thing that has my head spinning is paying a man for being on the team for less than two hours. We aren’t just paying his ticket price, we are giving him almost $400,000.

I’m almost certain that the Sacramento Kings could have made a better deal than that.

Yes, Calderon has been to the playoffs only three times in 11 years, and he isn’t a great catch. But we signed the man and managed to keep him on the team for less time than a Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian marriage.

This is a very poor performance on the part of King Joe Lacob. Just because you have a winning team that can perform miracles, it doesn’t mean you can give the go ahead on ridiculous trades.

Despite throwing out Calderon, Lacob showed the honesty of the Warriors by guaranteeing to pay him. It might have been a dumb move, but it was honest, and for that I am giving Lacob a...

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