You KNOW King Bob Myers Expects 82-0

Yippee, the season starts tonight!  After all the angst of last June has all but disappeared, and the joy of July has drifted away too, we count down the hours til tonight’s tip with extreme glee for our Dubs.  I for one didn’t think King Bob Myers (GM) could rebuild the bench to be better than last year, but I truly think he’s done it.  A few months ago I thought, “wow, I’m gonna really miss Leandro Barbosa, Marreese Speights, Festus Ezeli and Andrew Bogut!”  (I don’t wish him any ill will, but I honestly am not going to miss Harrison Barnes!  You watch – his numbers this year are gonna stink.) 

But with the experienced David West, free-throw shooting big man Zaza Pachulia, and the puppy-athlete Kevon Looney coming in to fill holes, I feel even more ecstatic about our bench than ever.  And remember, we have the 44th ranked player in the league coming off the bench in Iggy (Andre Iguodala)!  And of course, Shaun Livingston could be a starter on most NBA teams…he’s our seventh guy.

King Myers deserves the credit with a big assist, of course, to King Kerr who advised him on what he wanted his team to look like to avenge last year’s horrible ending.  Bottom line, I expect 82 wins plus sweeps in the playoffs too.  And I bet King Myers does too.  Go Dubs.  Go Bob, today you get a...

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