Bob Myers shoots and SCORES against the Clips!

Got a notification on my phone last night that the Dubs were about to tip with the Clips and I laughed…Dubs?  Who cares about them right now?  Giants got a big game in Nuevo Yorko that I have to emotionally prepare for.

Randomly, I noticed a few scores during the game and thought, “whoa, you go guys”.  I live on the east coast and must admit I don’t stay up for Warriors pre-season games played on the west (umm, like NEVER) – but this morning I looked at the score and laughed.  And then I thanked King Bob Myers for what he did in the offseason.

Admittedly, I don’t like the concept of NBA super-teams…unless it’s MY team.  And they Dubs are super this year.  I’m gonna have so much fun watching a 67 game win streak (I think they’ll drop game #68 – King Kerr will have to rest some starters at some point, eh?), and win #79 (3 games in the loss column, MAX).  I’m gonna love watching Steph’s shoulder-chip get bigger and bigger with each passing 30/10/10 game (he’ll probably have about 20 of those).  And I’m gonna laugh when Durant has 25 points and 20 assists in 10 games.  And of course, I’m gonna love watching the Cavs stumble to an 8 seed, yet make the Finals somehow, and then get swept out of June.  (Luv ya LeBron…but not really.) 

King Myers did what he’s paid to do…he made a dominant team more dominant by getting one of the top players to come on board the Dub-Train.  Choo-choo….bring on da rest of dos NBA chumps! 

Seriously though, I predict 70 wins this year, what about you?

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