What else is Hal doing these days?

Everyone who knows baseball knows that the legendary Steinbrenner family owns the New York Yankees. Hal Steinbrenner took over for his father the late George in 2010. Hal’s current net worth is estimated at $3.8 billion dollars. It is rumored his yearly salary is somewhere in the ballpark of $30,000 a WEEK. Some people make that much a year, and he makes that in a week.

Hal makes a majority of his money from the Yankees; he also is the CEO of Steinbrenner Hotel Properties. He owned about seven hotels mainly in Florida with one in Ohio. Three of his hotels were in Ocala, two in Sarasota, one lonely one in Jacksonville, and then one very randomly in Columbus, Ohio. The interesting part about Steinbrenner’s hotels is that they are all chain hotels. You would think a many of his money would have very luxurious hotels that cost hundreds of dollars a night to stay. The average cost of a room in one of his hotels is around $100-150 a night.

Once taking over the Yankees full time it has become apparent that Hal is less interested in the hotels and more interested in baseball, which as a Yankee fan that’s the way it better be. Hal sold the three Ocala hotels for $30.7 million dollars, a little over $10 million a hotel. I’m not in the hotel business but three hotels for $30.7 million has to be very high. Once again Hal proves that he will never be struggling for money. Now that Hal seems to be taking a backseat to the hotel business hopefully he can start putting a winning team together, or else Yankee fans might want him to go back to the hotel business. 

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