Has Hal lost his mind?

Recently Hal Steinbrenner has been quoted as saying “The Yankees won’t be sellers this trade deadline. I believe we will be right in the thick of things come July.” Just from watching the team and looking at the team’s stats there is no chance this team is a playoff team. The Yankees average with runners in scoring position is .237, which ranks 6th worst in the MLB. Even if they do somehow get a wildcard spot, is it really worth not improving the team over a one and done playoff game.

The Yankees under the Hal Steinbrenner regime have gone with a different approach than that of his dad, the late great George Steinbrenner. The Yankees have been forced to not spend as much money after having numerous spending sprees, and getting locked up with bad contracts. Alex Rodriguez (10 yr/$275 million), CC Sabathia (8 yr/ $186 million), Mark Teixeira (8 yr/$180 million) are some of the contracts that have forced the Yankees hand to not spend much. There are even early rumblings that Jacoby Ellsbury’s contract of 7 years and $153 million is a bad contract only three years into the deal. The Hal approach has been trying to get younger while avoiding big contracts. Yankee fans have become a little impatient with this new approach. However, since Hal has decided to go this way many fans believe if we are going this way we might as well go all the way and not half ass it. If Hal wants to get younger and wait to sign big named players, why on earth would he not be a seller during this trade deadline. He has three big bullpen arms that he can get a huge hall for if he moves even just one of them. The three arms that are creating all the buzz are Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances, and Aroldis Chapman. If the Cubs are dangling players by the likes of Kyle Schwarber, Jorge Soler, or Javier Baez you need to be listening. These are the players that you would think Hal would love to bring in. Young players with many years left in arbitration.

These arms are just a few pieces that Hal and GM Brian Cashman could move in a deadline deal. You could throw in Carlos Beltran into the mix the way he has been swinging the bat this season; he would get you some more young talent instead of letting him go in free agency. Beltran is hitting .283 with 18 homeruns and 48 RBIs. A team that is one more bat away from being a playoff contender would love to get the switch-hitting Beltran. The Yankees would love to get a young controllable piece for Beltran. Another interesting piece that many teams would be interested in is Brett Gardner. He has a pretty affordable contract (4 yr/$52 million) and is an awesome defensive player with a solid bat. Even though the Yankees just gave him a new contract if they moved him they could bring in a new outfielder like Yoenis Cespedes who is a free agent after this season. If the Yankees are patient enough to wait there will be many big named outfielders that will be on the market in 2018.

If the Yankees don’t turn their season around in the next couple weeks Hal would be out of his mind not to become a seller. The parts the Yankees have to offer and the numerous young studs they could bring back would help the team for years to come. It is obvious you don’t want to break up the arguably the best back end to a bullpen that there is in the game, but this just makes sense to do. If you’re going to go with the Hal Steinbrenner “rebuild” you better do it right Hal. 

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