Arod walks away… still a thorn in the Yankees side

Alex Rodriguez has finally decided to end the misery that was the end of his playing career. He has been a thorn to the Yankees since 2009, when he delivered a ring. He has been overpaid for the product he was producing, but don’t worry Yankee fans Hal Steinbrenner thought of a brilliant idea… bring Arod on as an advisor.


One issue I have with Alex Rodriguez walking away is the fact he still wants his $27 million. I get that you want the rest of the money from your contract, but don’t sit here and say you and the Yankees have the same vision. The vision that they both want to get the Yankees back to being a dominant force. You are hindering the team by collecting your money asshole. You couldn’t have come to a mutual decision to split the money or take somewhat of a pay cut. Even if Arod were to take half the money it would be $13.5 million, which is still MORE than enough.

My other issue is that they are keeping him on staff as an advisor or player developer. I get the Yankees want him to do something to make him earn his $27 million and the man has a great baseball brain. My problem is the man has had more controversy in his career than just about any other major leaguer ever. He was caught with PEDs… ARE YOU SERIOUS… a player development position. The man took PEDs.. really Hal… really.  I don’t want him anywhere near my new prospects that the Yankees just acquired. He said in his press conference “He has made so many mistakes in his playing career he hopes he can teach young players not to make those mistakes and the consequences that come with it.” This statement to me is absolutely absurd to me… He couldn’t have just walked away and not hindered the franchise anymore. I guess it is Arod we are talking about. If he was going to stay on staff I think he would’ve been a better fit as an advisor to a scout.

Whether you like him or not Arod will always have a legacy. As a Yankee fan, I just hope he is less of a thorn during his non-playing days then he was during the days he wore pinstripes. He has been such a huge pain over the years I have to give King Hal a grade of...



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