Cashman's Best Losing Season Ever?

Before you all go off on me for saying Brian Cashman should win GM of the year let’s actually look at the facts. He started with a mediocre team at the beginning of the season. No one… I mean NO ONE projected the Yankees to win the AL East, and they finished 4th, which is just about where they were projected. Fans didn't expect much with the aging lineup. Then Cashman dropped a bomb by trading arguably the 3 most important Yankees: Aroldis Chapman, Andrew Miller, and Carlos Beltran. The haul he got for these 3 guys has set them up to cash in in the future, but Yankee fans want to win NOW. The team was in the thick of the playoff race all the way until the final weekend. His work may not be as flashy as Mike Hazen who retooled the Red Sox so they could win the pennant, but what Cashman did is make the Yankees a serious threat for the next decade. As a die heart Yankee fan nothing makes me sicker than seeing the archrival Red Sox win the pennant and the Yankees miss the playoffs, but seeing what Cashman did with what he had makes it seem like a very successful season. 84 wins and just finish out of the playoffs with a mediocre and old lineup. While trading players when he knew we didn’t have a chance to win a ring and bringing back top prospects. Yankee fans we gotta take that! Where’s your guys vote? Does Cashman deserve a look for AL GM of the year? 

King Cashman had little to no help in 2016 and what he was able to produce and receive in trades earns him an outstanding grade of...

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