Cashman has Yankee fans pumping their fists

Brian Cashman has struck gold yet again. I think I speak for most Yankee fans when I say I am completely shocked with the signing of Matt Holliday. I also can say I’m pumped. King Cashman signed the veteran Holliday for $13 million for one season. I personally think this is an absolute steal. Holliday is a great veteran and locker room guy who can help mentor such a young team.. oh yeah and the guy can swing the stick a little bit too. Going into the offseason the Yankees needed a DH and they got their guy. I was very scared that Cashman was going to try to make the splashy "Yankee" move of signing slugger Edwin Encarnacion for big bucks. I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Holliday to the Bronx, and not be tied down to Encarnacion for multiple years blocking the youth movement. Keep doing what you’re doing Cashman you’re definitely earning your paycheck. 

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