The 2016 Mets Were Amazin'

     There have been some great teams, with great stories in New York Mets franchise history but what the 2016 Mets accomplished and the way they did it makes it the most remarkable season in franchise history. I thought this season would be culminated with a parade down the Canyon of Heroes but instead the Mets were parading to the DL and King Terry Collins and his team was left for dead as late as August 20th. These factors should have made this season a disaster, but key moves from King Sandy Alderson and Terry didn’t allow that to happen. Countless rallies and walk-offs lead to a postseason appearance for the second straight year. Even though we are all down in the dumps (I couldn’t sleep last night), after Madison Bumgarner and Conor Gillaspie tore our hearts out, keep your heads up just like this team and organization found a way to all year. So yeah, this team isn’t a World Series Champion like the 1969 and 1986 teams and they didn’t even win a playoff game, but to me what Collins and Alderson did to get us here can only be described in one word… Amazin’.


As Always Let’s Go Mets 

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