Sandy Alderson's In House Offseason To-Do List

1. Resign Yoenis Cespedes- Cespedes has been the most prolific hitter the Mets have had since David Wright was in his prime. They must find a way to get a deal done with Cespedes. Look for a similar front loaded deal worth in between $27.5 and $30 million. If he leaves the championship window is shut. Nothing on this list matters if Cespedes is not in Queens next April.

2. Pick up Jay Bruce and Jose Reyes’ options- These are no brainers with Bruce hopefully adjusting to his new surroundings, $13 million will be cheap and Reyes at the league minimum is legitimately nothing.

3. Make qualifying offer to Neil Walker- Walker had a great year but a long term deal for a 31-year-old coming off back surgery is very questionable. The qualifying offer (1 year $17 million) is a no brainer though because it allows Walker to rebuild value and if he decides to walk the Mets will receive draft pick compensation.

4. Re-sign Bartolo Colon- Everyone wants Big Sexy back and after another fantastic year the 43-year-old seems to be back for a 4th year in Queens with a contract around $7-8 million.

5. Tender Lucas Duda- Duda returning to the Mets and producing late in September made this a must because a power hitting 1st baseman with a good glove will not come much cheaper than $6.5 million. 

These moves are just the start of what would be a successful offseason but if Alderson is unable to get these things done the Mets window as a World Series contender will close and close quickly. 

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