King Alderson's Updated Offseason To-Do List

So, King Sandy Alderson did a few things right, one wrong, and another still pending from my previous To-Do List but the Hot Stove is just warming up and a few things must still be done:

1. SIGN YOENIS CESPEDES- I've said it once; I'll say it again the guy is worth every penny. If he leaves the Mets championship window shuts immediately.

2. Sign Kenley Jansen- This postseason proved that having a dominant bullpen is essential to winning in October. He will cost a ton of money but a late inning bullpen of Addison Reed, Jeurys Familia, and Jansen behind the dominant rotation the Mets have is scary.

3. Trade Jay Bruce- Bruce was a bust after the Mets traded for him last year. However, he has the most value out of the left handed cluster of bats, that is the Mets outfield. The Mets should try to trade for prospects that have been lost due to trades and promotions.

4. Get Rid of Tim Tebow- *insert joke of how Tim Tebow decided to play baseball and the Mets signed him*

King Alderson has some work to do and hopefully King Wilpon allows him to spend some money because if so 2017 could be a special year in Queens. What do you think Mets fans?

Based off of Alderson following the earlier list pretty close I'll give this a 4 because Bartolo Colon is gone. 

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