Has Sandy Alderson Not Done Enough?

Since the signing of Yoenis Cespedes early in the offseason, Sandy Alderson and the New York Mets have been silent. The payroll currently sits well above what King Sandy Alderson is comfortable with but he has not been able to lower the figure even though he’s dangled assets. Guys who were thought to be in danger of being on another team on opening day were outfielders Curtis Granderson ($15 million in 2017) and Jay Bruce ($13 million in 2017). Granderson is a guy who made sense trading strictly financially because his contract doesn’t fit his production but the intangibles the “Grandy Man” brings to the table are irreplaceable. Without Granderson’s leadership, teams in recent years would have easily fallen apart. Jay Bruce on the other hand is the opposite, his contract of $13 million for this season is very cheap for a player of his caliber; but his value has dropped significantly since falling flat on his face after the Mets made a big move for him in July. The rumors of those two being traded have faded and now it seems the Mets are moving into the spring with their team in place, barring the late signing of a reliever or a trade. This could be considered a bad move by Alderson, however I think Alderson has done a great job this offseason. He was able to accomplish the biggest goal by making sure Yo’s bat was in the 3-hole on Opening Day, and that makes me give him a 4 ball ratings.

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