Wilpon and Alderson Get it Done: Cespedes for the Rest of Us

The New York Mets understood what I was saying the whole time, they needed Yoenis Cespedes. They needed him so much that a tight on money owner and a general manager reluctant on giving out the big long term contract, agreed to pay Cespedes $27.5 million per year, the largest free agent contract in franchise history (4yrs/$110million w/no trade clause). King Alderson is going to get a ton of credit for this move but the guy who should be praised for bringing back Cespedes is King Wilpon.

Jeff Wilpon has been shredded to pieces by the media for not spending money since the Bernie Madoff scandal. Last year, the Mets were cautious and waited until January to pursue Cespedes; while this year, Wilpon was aggressive and made sure he was in Queens when Opening Day 2017 rolled around. This deal was all about wanting to win and win now, Wilpon knew like all of us that if Cespedes walked the World Series window would have been shut. Cespedes has been essential to the Mets winning ballgames since he was acquired, they are 106-74 with him in the lineup and 18-23 without him. So all the Mets fans that questioned Wilpon and his motives, he wants to win just as much as we do and thanks to him we still can. Bringing back Cespedes was the only thing that mattered this offseason if the Mets were serious and they got it done I give both King Wilpon and Alderson a 5 out 5. Let’s Go Mets.

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