Jeff Hornacek… the triangle offense sucks

There was much promise surrounding the 2016 New York Knicks. The team King Steve Mills put together is pretty solid on paper and definitely has playoff potential. There is only one problem…. King Hornacek will not go away from the triangle. They aren’t running it religiously like King Phil Jackson did back in the day, but they are running it nonetheless. The Knicks need to throw this game plan out the window, and make a new game plan around stars Kristaps Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony. I get that we are only six games into the season and the Knicks are 2-4, but if Hornacek and the boys don’t try something new the hype around the Knicks could be gone. I came into the season thinking that the Knicks had a great chance to make a playoff push, but if the triangle continues I don’t think they have a shot. What do you think Knicks fans will the triangle be the downfall of the 2016 Knicks or will Hornacek come to reality and go away from it?

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