Woody calls on Trump for change

This could arguably be the most controversial presidential election ever, but for Jets fans it could be the most beneficial. King Woody Johnson has said that if he becomes U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom (which he is expected to become) he will give control of the Jets to his younger brother Chris Johnson (no, not the one that ran a 4.24 at the combine). When I first read this I kind of scratched my head… but the more I thought about it I found myself saying hell it can’t get much worse.

King Woody bought the New York Jets in 2000. The Jets have only been to the playoffs 5 times since he bought the franchise. 5 TIMES...In 17 years!! In NEW YORK! Not to mention the other terrible things that has happened over the years like the “butt fumble” or the Sanchez experience or Hard Knocks with Sexy Rexy. Will it make a difference having a new King in town? I think at the very least it will shake things up. The intriguing thing to watch is if soon to be King Chris can produce a winning team. King Woody hasn't produced a winning brand of football recently so if King Chris makes the Jets a winner will he steal his brother's thunder and potentially the keys to the Jets? Will Donald Trump really be the reason for a Jets turnaround? All I have to say is COME ON CHRIS!! 


If Woody gives little brother Chris the keys to the Jets I have to give it a high score based on optimism. I give Woody a score of...

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