Grading the Return of FitzMagic

141 days.

It took the New York Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick 141 days to finally, FINALLY agree to terms on a contract. Let's take a look at how the stalemate finally came to an end.

The Contract

Fitzpatrick and the Jets agreed to a one-year deal for 12 million dollars with an additional 3 million dollars in incentives. Mike Maccagnan and Fitzpatrick's camp must have met in the middle as Fitzpatrick got the pay increase he wanted, but the Jets got the one year deal they wanted not the 2-3 year deal Fitzpatrick had been demanding. Backup quarterback Geno Smith only has a base salary of $675,000 for this season, so at a financial standpoint the Jets are making a massive economical increase at the quarterback position for this season. Also from an economical standpoint, Maccagnan made a wise move making this a one-year deal, which creates little risk long term for the Jets if Fitzpatrick struggles this year.

On The Field Standpoint

Point blank Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best man for the job. He is not as talented as backup Geno Smith, but his high football IQ and better tendencies with the ball make him the clear-cut better choice. This is an absolutely huge move for the locker room as all the players that were hoping for the return of Fitzmagic were granted their wish. With the recent resigning's of Muhammad Wilkerson and now Fitzpatrick, Jets players can be assured that their hard work and production on the field will be repaid by the Jets front office. Fitzpatrick is now handed the keys to the castle, but don't think he is certain to keep them no matter what, as the one year deal reveals Fitzpatrick doesn't have that much room for error.

Grade: B+

12 million dollars is a bit of a steep price for a journeyman quarterback that is clearly a product of the system he plays in, but the length of the deal keeps the Jets safe for the long term if Fitzpatrick doesn't produce. Fitzpatrick is clearly the best man for the job and the person that Jets players want taking snaps under center on Sunday's. The front office finally got the team their leader back with the expectations that he will be able to do something he has never done before, lead his team to the playoffs. One year and 12 million dollars to make up for your blunder in Buffalo, don't let us down Fitzy.

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