Bye Bye Josh Brown

The New York Giants can’t seem to get out of the news these days. Kicker Josh Brown is the most recent to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. King John Mara has suspended the kicker for at least one week after Brown admitted to being domestically violent with his wife. According to Jordan Raanan’s article on King Mara has known about Brown’s domestic violence issues since JANUARY!! What is Mara doing?! He knew this was an issue since January… Mara needs to reevaluate himself. If he knew this was going on since January and did nothing about it that’s just down right pathetic. In my opinion he should face some sort of penalty or fine.

After previous players have gotten suspended for domestic violence (Ray Rice and Greg Hardy) the league needs to take more drastic measures. Mara needs to kick Brown off the team immediately and if I were Goodell I’d kick Brown out of the league. Mara and Goodell need to set the standard that any form of domestic violence is unacceptable.  Becuase this behavior by King Mara is so out of tune, he gets a grade of...

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