King Ben Mcadoo Needs to Do One Thing Tonight: Get OBJ The Ball

It's Monday Night Football, a nationally televised game for rookie King Ben Mcadoo and his Giants, and he needs to showcase his superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. The New York Giants are off to a promising 5-3 start under rookie King Ben Mcadoo but things need to change for the Giants to be a playoff team. There is no run game on this football team, it is frankly a joke that they even attempt to run the ball at this point and it needs to be abandoned by King Mcadoo.

However, this offense should still be elite because of one man, Odell Beckham Jr. When you have a superstar wide receiver you get him the football, because he can single handedly carry this team to the playoffs. The play calling needs to change and there is no better way for King Mcadoo to show that he has a good football team in the NFC, but unless Odell is not fed the football the Giants will be left behind, again.

Beckham Jr. is a superstar talent, abandoning an awful run game to give your superstar receiver more touches sounds like a move everyone can get behind. That's why this move will be rated a 4.

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