Giant Shots Being Fired

Following the New York Giants heartbreaking loss to one of their division rivals the Washington Redskins head coach Ben McAdoo publicly called out star wide out Odell Beckham Jr. McAdoo told Beckham to get his emotions in check and he needs to stop being a distraction. Odell fired right back at McAdoo saying he isn’t going to change. Does OBJ get more leeway since he is the Giants’ star player… probably, but considering OBJ is arguably a top 5 WR in the league it seems like a bit much for McAdoo to be taking shots at him in the public eye. McAdoo should be more concerned with shaking off the tough loss last week, and trying to find a way to get a bounce back win against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. 

While I disagree with calling out his best player King McAdoo might have lit a fire in Odell's ass and for that I give him a grade of...

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