Brooklyn will be singing the blues in 2016

Buckle up Brooklyn it’s going to be a bumpy ride. The Brooklyn Nets will be lucky to win 15 games this season. This team will be struggling to be better than last year’s 76ers team who won just 10 games. The roster that King Sean Marks has assembled is AWFUL. The Nets best player is Brook Lopez who is a solid center, but there is absolutely no talent around him. Linsanity at point is a joke. This whole roster is a joke. There are many young players on this team, but there isn’t anyone that jumps off the page. I guarantee that head coach Kenny Atkinson will not finish the year. The Nets need to cut their loses trade Lopez and hope one of those little ping pong balls lands them the number one pick in next summers draft. If the Nets win more than 15 games I will be absolutely astonished! What do you guys think? Any chance that the Nets win more than 15? 

Assembling a team this bad and calling it an NBA team has earn King Marks a grade of...

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