What will Michael Hill do when Dee returns?

With Dee Gordon set to return to the Marlins July 29th, Michael Hill has a lot to think about in terms of how to use Gordon. After serving his 80 game suspension for PEDs (yes it still stings every time I think about it), he will only be able to return to the Marlins for the remainder of the regular season. If the Marlins are to make the playoffs (fingers crossed), they will have to do it without their speedy leadoff man. 

That puts the Marlins in a very big pickle for many reasons.

1) How is Donny Baseball going to incorporate him without the team getting comfortable having him in the lineup every day?
2) How is the current starting second baseman, Derek Dietrich, gonna get consistent playing time? 
3)If the Marlins are still in the hunt for the playoffs by the end of July, should they consider trading Dee? Or even Dietrich if the wheels fall off? 

There is a lot that goes into this scenario because everyone that watches baseball knows a guy like Dee Gordon can have a major impact on a team, especially in the hunt for October. It will be fun to see how creative the Marlins can get with this, trying to utilize the skill of Gordon while continuing to use players Marlins fans hope to see in the playoffs. 

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