Should Michael Hill Be Looking for Pitching?

As the days begin to get hotter and the trade deadline approaches, Major League Baseball teams start the process of becoming buyers or sellers. General Manager Michael Hill and the Miami Marlins look to become buyers as they are "shockingly" 4.5 games out of first place. I put shockingly in quotations because if people actually paid any attention to the Marlin’s personnel rather than their record, they would know the team's performance is not shocking. MLB fans were alerted that the Marlins were going to be buyers thanks to an ESPN report by Doug Mittler saying the Marlins are eyeing starting pitching in the market. The two players Hill has on his eye are Jake Odorizzi,of the Tampa Bay Rays, and Jake Pomeranz, left-hander for the San Diego Padres. 

If you grew up playing and/or watching baseball, the expression, "you can never have enough pitching" has been engraved in your brain. With that being said, there is no surprise that the Marlins are addressing pitching in the market. But my question is, "why?" Although Odorizzi (3.67 ERA) and Pomeranz (3.00 ERA) have been solid starters this year, it seems as though there is a bigger hole in the Fish's roster. 

Here are 3 stats to keep in mind to give you an idea of what the Fish have done this season:

1) Rank 10th and 12th in ERA for starting pitching and relievers in the MLB
2) Rank 21st in MLB in Runs Scored, 18th in SLG%, but 3rd in Hits
3) Giancarlo Stanton is hitting an abysmal .211 with 32 RBIs

The question remains, "Do the Marlins need pitching?" My answer for that is yes, I believe Michael Hill needs to continue to search for pitching if the Marlins want to compete for NL east crown. Although the Marlins have had above average pitching all season, it is obvious that Hill has a great deal of confidence in slugger Giancarlo Stanton and knows that he is going to be the Homerun and RBI machine he has since his 2010 call-up to the Bigs. There is a reason Hill gave Giancarlo the largest contract in North American sports history.

If the Fish can get more production from Giancarlo at the plate and add one more strong arm to the starting rotation or even a reliable bullpen guy, there is no reason to think the Marlins cannot be in the playoffs. Hill continues to stay hungry in pursuit of making this team a playoff contender and it looks like he understands what he needs to be done in order to push the Marlins to the next level. 

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