Is Loria's Influence in Baseball Ops helping Marlins?

Jeffrey Loria is known to not have the most support in Miami due to some bad deals he has made during his time as owner, regarding both on and off the field situations. He has received retribution from many fans and Miami taxpayers throughout his time as owner. But I know many people were happy with at least one decision he made in 2014. 

Prior to the 2014 season, Loria had a great deal of pull with baseball operations, which us Marlins fan know was not a very good thing. He constantly would get the team involved in bad trades and signings. When he finally realized baseball operations was not for him, he decided he would leave all baseball decisions to his front office. 

I can vividly remember Marlins fans, including myself, rejoicing when he made that decision. There might as well have been a parade that is how great.

With that being said, I believe Loria's absence from baseball operations has helped this team really thrive in the free agent market, as well as trades. Although the Fish have not been particularly great the last couple years, Marlins faithful have noticed the upside in this team.

General Manager Michael Hill has had much success since he was given full control of baseball ops with key acquisitions, like Dee Gordon, Ichiro, Martin Prado, and key long term deals with Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich, the team is finally starting to look like they are ready to compete for a playoff spot. 

This article is not to try and say Loria is reason why the team did so poorly when he was a part of baseball operations, I am just saying his opinion (well his lack of opinion) has really helped turn the Marlins into a contender. Loria's selfless act to take himself out of baseball operations has been a key factor into the team's recent success, and I hope Marlins fans begin to realize Loria is not as bad as they like to think.

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