Has Jeff Loria built Baseball Operations of the Future in Miami?

While Jeff Loria still has the final say in any decision made regarding the Marlins, he has formed an incredible group of decision makers, led by GM Michael Hill and Manager Donny Baseball (Don Mattingly), that make him look like a genius. 

With Don Mattingly being hired prior to the 2016 season, there is just a sample size of what these two can do for this organization.

Here are a few things that these two have done that have really made a difference for this club:

1) Bring Barry Bonds as the hitting coach - players have given significant praise to Bonds for the success the team has had hitting this year
2) Keep Marcell Ozuna - although Loria "can't stand" Ozuna, I am sure he is glad Hill, Mattingly, and Bonds begged him to keep the eventual 2016 All-Star Game starter
3) Playoffs - these two brilliant minds have made all the right decisions on the field and in the front office to give this team a chance to get into the playoffs

Of course, Hill and Mattingly are not the only two guys that are part of Baseball Operations, but they have become a two-headed monster that seems to be setting this team up for much success in the future. 

Marlins faithful should be happy with Jeff Loria. It seems he is building the future of the Marlins Front Office and it is looking as bright as a sunny day on South Beach. 

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