Don Mattingly, Michael Hill Hired Bonds as an Intern?

Just around a year after being hired by the Marlins, hitting coach Barry Bonds has been fired. Why would Kings Jeff Loria and Don Mattingly bring Bonds to South Beach if it was going to only be for a year? The answer to that question is that Barry continued to do Barry things.

Known for being a terrible teammate, coaches and players on the Marlins saw that terrible attitude transition into Coach Bonds. King Mattingly started to get fed up with Bonds during the summer when he noticed his “commitment level dwindled”, (according to Craigh Mish, National Radio Host for SiriusXM).

Also, Mish reported that team superstar Giancarlo Stanton often “tuned out” Bonds who was constantly critical of Big G in front of the team.

Add in the fact the Marlins finished 14th in runs and homeruns, and 12th in OPS in the National League, and you start to notice why it might make sense.

But could that all have been part of the growing pain? Surely you cannot blame the team’s lack of power solely on the hitting coach, but I guess we will never find out.


What do you fans think about Bonds being handed a 1-year internship by the Fish rather than giving him the chance to grow as a coach?  

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