Stephen M. Ross Investment in Stadium=$$$

Set to host the Super Bowl in 2020, King Stephen M. Ross, Miami Dolphins Owner, broke out his big boy check book to make sure newly named Hard Rock Stadium would be ready.

Fresh off a $500million investment, the city of Miami looks ready to host its first Super Bowl in a decade. The most noticeable installment to the stadium was the addition of a canopy that covers nearly all the seats in the stadium. With many complaints coming from big spenders about too much rain and too little protection from it during previous SBs, King Ross had to make sure that problem get solved. The rain and lack of coverage is the biggest reason Miami has not hosted a Super Bowl since New Orleans won in 2010.

Many fans may be sitting at home thinking how nice it was that King Ross did this, but don’t get it twisted. Ross invested in the stadium for the sole purpose of bringing the Super Bowl back to South Beach and making A LOT OF $. If fans at home are thinking that, they will realize it when they head to the stadium and realized EVERYTHING has raised in price.

At the end of the day, King Ross remodeled the stadium because he wanted to bring a Super Bowl to Miami, not for the fans enjoyment. While the stadium may look nice, the upgrades have hurt the Fins. True Die-hard dolFANS can no longer afford season tickets. 

While ownership looks forward to hosting a Super Bowl soon, many true fans are left watching their favorite team from home.


Do you dolFANS believe the stadium is helping the team and its fans, or just ownership.

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